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Mary Shephard Cutright


Motor Maids President for 12 years, Motor Maids officer since 1952. Dedicated ambassador of the sport.

Mary Shephard Cutright was the national president of Motor Maids, Inc., for 12 years, and prior to that served the organization as an officer in several other positions. She was a dedicated ambassador of the sport and a lifetime member of the American Motorcyclist Association.

Shephard Cutright was born Oct. 5, 1918 in Chillicothe, Ohio. She developed an early interest in bicycling and then motorcycling. After graduation from high school, she worked at a local shoe factory and by May 1937 had saved enough money to buy a 1937 45 c.i. Harley-Davidson.

She married John Scott Cutright in November 1942 and her son, Johnny, was born in February 1944. During the war years, she rode a 1940 61 c.i. Harley-Davidson to work. She occasionally met other female riders on the road, and eventually learned about the Motor Maids.

The Motor Maids created a positive impression of motorcycling. Members wore uniforms consisting of a royal blue blouse, gray slacks, a white tie, boots and gloves. They rode in formation in parades and events, including the opening ceremonies for the long-running Charity Newsies AMA Grand National race in Columbus, Ohio.

Shephard Cutright joined the Motor Maids in 1949 and in 1952 was appointed state director for southern Ohio. In 1957 she was elected to the position of supply officer, and advanced to the position of treasurer in 1963. At the 1966 Motor Maids annual convention in Sturgis, S.D., Shephard Cutright was elected president, a position she held for the next 12 years.

She was also a member of the Chillicothe Motorcycle Club and the BMW Owner's Club of Ohio.

Shephard Cutright died on March 10, 1988.