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Dick Gilmore


Developer of Two Wheel Trauma and Accident Scene Management classes.
Provides emergency medical training to responders to motorcycle accidents.

Dick Gilmore, a lifelong motorcyclist, joined fellow emergency services providers Anita Bailey and Frank Prowant in 1986 to create the Two Wheel Trauma program. He also created the Accident Scene management program. The programs were created in an attempt to reduce motorcycle-related injuries and deaths by providing motorcycle-crash-related education.

Born on a farm in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, on March 1, 1943, Gilmore began riding motorcycles in the 1960s. In the 1970s he got involved in basic life support classes and training. He has been a volunteer emergency medical technician (EMT) ever since.

Gilmore recognized the need for emergency services personnel to be schooled in how to handle motorcycle crashes, and the need for riders to be able to provide on-scene care. That led to creation of the Two Wheel Trauma program, which provides basic and advanced emergency medical training to certified emergency medical services personnel. The class teaches the mechanics of a motorcycle accident and how to provide the assistance. The Accident Scene Management class teaches motorcycle riders what to do, how to call for medical help, and what information to gather while waiting for the ambulance.

For more than two decades, Gilmore has educated thousands of health-care professionals and riders nationwide.